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  • Coslight lithum battery production line

          The Coslight Power Battery Production Base is located in Harbin and covers a floor area of 250,000m.The company has constructed a technologically advanced auto production line of lithium batteries and is capable pf processing and independently mating diaphragms for cells,electrolyte,copper foil,case and system structural components.

          The Coslight automatic product line is the most advanced automatic production line for lithium batteries at present in China, with 6 Gwh producing capacity annually. The production line consists of auto dosing system,high-precision coating system,large-tension flattening and polishing system,online detecting and auto cutting system,auto electrodes punching, stacking and assembling system,cells logistics conveyor system, tunnel-type auto high-vacuum baking system,auto assembly line,auto laser welding and detecting line,auto vacuum pressurizing and filling sysytem,auto vacuum formation logistics system and auto granding and ageing system.

  • Auto doing machine

  • Auto stacking

  • Auto filling

  • Auto baking oven

  •       Harbin Coslight PowerCo., Ltd. always takes scientific research as a guide,attracts excellent battery professionals at home, and establishes independent and perfect technical development system. The company invests huge R & D expenses on design of new products,improvement of product performance and analysis of materials,etc. every year. The company actively cooperates with many universities,colleges and R & D institutions so as to achieve effective integration of superior resources,and filmly takes the leading position in technology in the industry.

  • Auto module line

  • Auto assembly line

  • Auto washing &wrapping film

  • Auto granding line

  • Auto circuiating board

  • Temperature tester

  • Vibration test stand